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More Valuable Than It Sounds: Goldenrod

Goldenrod is a fundamental resource in late summer.


Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds

In the US and Canada, autumn means pumpkins.

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How Much Does A Cloud Weigh?

Clouds are made of water, and water is heavy.

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The Mountain, the River, and the Fish: Who is the oldest?

The answer may be surprising!


Geological Periods: COSDCP-TJC-PEOMPP!

Why do we use strange names for geological periods?


Of Damsels and Dragons

These common insects are extraordinary in many ways

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Is Baby Talk Genetic?

Everyone speaks to babies the same way.

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August First, and the First Autumn Indicator

Even as we move toward mid-summer, the early harbingers of autumn bring color to the forest.

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Fireflies, and the Evolution of Photic Signaling

We love to see them on a warm summer evening.


How to save the world, two cups at a time.

Dedicated volunteers monitor sites to clean up toxic legacies of a century of coal mining.