High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece

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icicles at a cave entrance Uncategorized

Ice is Nice

Ice sculptures of all kinds please the eye.
a locust tree Uncategorized

Long-lasting locust leaves: A “miner” exception this year?

When everything is better than usual, who complains?
purple flowers Uncategorized

Pretty Parasites

Don't hate me because I am beautiful.

Perspective on Pollinators

The global crisis in the collapse of insect populations is especially worrisome with respect to pollinators. Honey bees were particularly recognized as suffering, and “Colony ...

Hog Peanut: neither hog nor peanut.

Edible native pea vines have strange habits.

Spiderworts: The Mid Summer Blues

Some belong and some do not.

Life Returns to the Kiski-Conemaugh

Many of our rivers, especially Stonycreek and the Kiski-Conemaugh, were effectively dead rivers 30 years ago, and for a long time before that. Way back ...
silk tent Uncategorized

Eastern tent caterpillars share everything

Their mother would be proud of them.
a field of flowers Uncategorized

Spring Bling

A healthy forest with a nice patch of trilliums.
Shoppers in grocery Uncategorized

Some of us shop for bargains, others for balance. Bees are the same.

Everyone makes their own choices about food, and bees do too.