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Photo creditPaper wasp on nestAlex WildMischocyttarus sp.
Aboutblue beeLaurence PackerEuglossa analis
AboutOrchidHal HorwitzCypripedium pubes orchid, Thomisid crab spider
AboutleafGetty Images
Aboutblack and yellow waspsFernando NollBrachygastra lecheguana
AboutWenzel portraitJosh Franzos
Aboutblack waspsFernando NollSynoeca septentrionalis
Career ResumeWenzel teachingFernando NollBrazilian workshop
Career Conemaugh Valley ConservancyMountain bikerMike Cook
Career Conemaugh Valley ConservancyVolunteers collecting water sampleJohn Wenzel
Career Conemaugh Valley ConservancyKayakerMike Cook
Career EcologyWenzel and ChestnutAndrea KautzAmerican Chestnut Castanea dentata, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Career PhylogenyWasps and BeesAlex Wild
Career Journey Early CareerWasps on nestAlex WildPolisted exclamans
Career Journey Ohio StateWenzel teachingStacy McNulty
OSU archives
Career Journey Carnegie Museumforest streamJohn WenzelFurnace Run, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Career Journey Foreign ExperienceWenzel with childrenJames M. CarpenterPeru, 1990
ResearchWenzel with mantisJosh Franzos
ResearchButterfly on orchid Gary van VelsirPapilio glauca and Platanthera dilatata
Plant listGardenRick Schwab
PumpkinsVariety of pumpkins and squashesJohn Wenzel
PumpkinsSquash flowers
PumpkinsGiant pumpkinJohn Wenzel
Mountains River FishFisherman in a mountain stream
Mountains River FishBlue Ridge Mountains
Mountains River FishNew River GorgeNational Park Service
Mountains River FishTeays river drainageGeoFacts #10, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Mountains River FishAmerican Paddlefish spathula
Geological RecordCretaceous plants and animalsRudolph ZallingerYale Peabody Museum of Natural History
Geological RecordResearchers digging fossils Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia
Geological RecordSpring wildflowers
Geological RecordStegosaurus and T.rexVideo game
Damsels and DragonsOdonate with fishGetty Images
Damsels and DragonsFossil www.geologypage.comMeganeura
Damsels and DragonsDragonfly, Damselfly

Epitheca, Argia
Damsels and DragonsEye of dragonfly
Damsels and DragonsOdonate with fish Getty images
Damsels and DragonsDamselflies in copula
Baby talkBaby facing cameraNew York Times
Baby talkMother with baby
Baby talkFather with toddlerLego Foundation/Getty Images
Baby talkGrief, lossCharles Darwin 1872
Baby talkPride and helplessnessCharles Darwin 1872
August FirstRed tupelo leaves on branchJohn WenzelNyssa sylvatica
August FirstRed tupelo leaves arranged on groundJohn WenzelNyssa sylvatica
August FirstSwamp forestNational Park ServiceNyssa species and Taxodium distichum
August FirstVirginia creeper vine on groundJohn WenzelParthenocissus quinquefolia
FirefliesFeatured image, displayAlex Wildmany species
Fireflieslarva glowingNevit Dilman
FirefliesMale Photinus on perchAlex WildPhotinus pyralis
FirefliesMale in flightAlex WildPhotinus pyralis
FirefliesIllustration of DisplayJames Lloyd
FirefliesPhoturis female eating male of other speciesJames Lloyd
Periodical CicadasCicada laying eggsAndrea KautzMagicicada septemdecim
Periodical CicadasTwig with egg laying scarsJohn Wenzel
Periodical CicadasOak tree with dying twigsJohn WenzelQuercus rubrum
Periodical CicadasSame oak tree looking goodJohn WenzelQuercus rubrum
Otter RiverKayaks on the lawnJohn Wenzel
Otter RiverKayaks on the riverJohn Wenzel
Otter RiverPossible otter scatJohn Wenzel
Otter RiverWhirligig beetles Gyrinidae
Otter RiverWhirligig beetle eyeswww.flicker.comColeoptera: Gyrinidae
BamboozledShoot and older stemsJohn Wenzelintroduced
BamboozledShoot dissectedJohn Wenzelintroduced
BamboozledShoot dissected, close upJohn Wenzelintroduced
BamboozledBamboo shoot culinary dish
Locust trees and Low cost leavesDense, new green leavesJohn WenzelGleditsia triachanthos
Locust trees and Low cost leavesBarren treeJohn WenzelRobinia pseudoacacia
Locust trees and Low cost leavesDense, new green leavesJohn WenzelGledistia triachanthos
Locust trees and Low cost leavesLeaf mines on leafletsJohn Wenzel Moth; Parectopa robiniella,
Tre" Robinia pseudoacacia.
Locust trees and Low cost leavesSpiny tree trunk triachanthos
Why do we see colors?
Why do we see colors?Electromagnetic spectrum
Why do we see colors?
Why do we see colors?Absorbance spectrum of water
Why do we see colors?Prism and spectrumPink Floyd, Capitol Records
Ivory-billsTwo taxidermy mountsFlorida Museum, University of FloridaCampephilus principalis
Ivory-billsJohn Audubon paintingCourtesy of the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove, Montgomery County Audubon Collection, and Zebra Publishing
Ivory-billsLocust borer robiniae
Spiders rarely seenSeveral websJohn WenzelLinyphiidae
Spiders rarely seenClose up of webJohn Wenzel
Spiders rarely seenSpider under her web
HerbalismHepatica with scarlet leavesNew York Botanical Garden Anemone americanum
HerbalismDenticularia with broad green leaves diphylla
HerbalismMany flowers of EuphrasiaRoland Teuscher, CC BY-SA 3.0, alpina
OlivesOlives on wooden spoonFood Specialties Trading LLCOlea europaea
OlivesOlive plantation in Negevmyolivetree.com
OlivesAmphorae on sea floorJulien Seinturier
Whether it's the WeatherBird on branchEric P. WidingArchilochus colubris, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, female
Whether it's the WeatherSpring caroliniana, or C. virginica
Whether it's the WeatherTrout lilyNew York Botanical GardenErythronium sp.
Whether it's the WeatherBird on branchEric P. WidingArchilochus colubirs, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, female
Biophilia in our GenesWoman on fallen treeTokyo Weekender
Biophilia in our GenesBird watchersNew York Daily News
Biophilia in our GenesMushroom hunterJohn WenzelLaetiporus sulphureus
Manioc RocksNigerian farmer and manioc tubersCGIAR.orgManihout esculenta
Manioc RocksManioc press or squeezerNational Museum of the Native American
Manioc RocksPao-de-queijo
Domestication of AnimalsDoberman at attentionJohn Wenzel
Domestication of AnimalsLascaux cave painting of aurochsWikipedia
Domestication of AnimalsNiches for pigeons at Oricourt castle, FranceJanet M. Webb,
Domestication of AnimalsMan feeding chickensJohn WenzelGallus gallus domesticus
Domestication of AnimalsSpanish bull fighter and bullChina Daily
Bos taurus
SmilaxStems, with pricklesJohn WenzelSmilax
SmilaxWenzel, bloody faceCastilleja Fallon Olmstead
Precision and AccuracySundial
Precision and AccuracyCollecting stream insectsJohn Wenzel
Precision and AccuracyScarlet TanagersLuke DeGrootePiranga olivacea
Clean Water Good BugsMcCullen RunJohn Wenzel
Clean Water Good BugsIsonychia sp.Andrea Kautz,
When Poison Meets PalateBasket of peppersJohn Wenzel
When Poison Meets PalateNightshade flowers and fruitshttps://www.minnesotawildflowers.infoSolanum dulcamara
When Poison Meets PalatePainting of cassavaAlbert Eckhout, lived 1610-1665Manihot esculenta
Legacy of LoggingTwo oaks with double trunksJohn WenzelQuercus rubra, Forbes State Forest
Legacy of LoggingOaks with matching scarsJohn WenzelQuercus rubra, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Bark ArtSingle gallery, detailAndrea KautzCarya sp.
Bark ArtTwo galleriesJohn WenzelCarya sp.
A Striking SuccessWindows with bird-safe filmAshley Cecil
A Striking SuccessAshley Cecil and butterfliesAshley Cecil
A Striking SuccessJon Rice installing filmJohn Wenzel
A Striking SuccessCommon Yellowthroat motif of the larger patternAshley CecilGeothlypis trichas
Spirit of ResearchPowdermill staff in fieldJohn Wenzel
Spirit of ResearchINECOL students in streamJohn Wenzel
Spirit of ResearchUniv. Pittsburgh students in research plotJohn Wenzel
Snow flakes and snow fleasHiker in woodsJohn Wenzel
Snow flakes and snow fleasLinn Run creekAndrea Kautz
Snow flakes and snow fleasscorpion fly, or snow fleaAndrea KautzGenus Boreus, female
Cactuses and the spine of Appalachiashale barrenMartha Oliver
Cactuses and the spine of Appalachiacactus flowerAndrea KautzOpuntia humifusa, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Boogie Woogie aphidsAphids on beech tree branchJohn WenzelGrylloprociphilus imbricator, Fagus grandifolia
Bob catsbob catJohn WinkinsonAdult female, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Beauty and the Beastfern gladeJohn WenzelLaurel Hill State Park
Beauty and the Beasttied fern frondJohn WenzelHerpetogramma caterpillar retreat
Woodlands in Whitetree branchesJohn WenzelPowdermill Nature Reserve
Woodlands in Whitetracks in snowJohn WenzelCoyote, Canis latrans, Powdermill Nature Reserve
Lasius will Amaze-i-usfeatured photoAlex WildLasius (Acanthomyops)
Lasius will Amaze-i-usLasius niger malesDonna W Wenzel
Lasius will Amaze-i-usLasius clavigerDonna W Wenzel
Honey bee huntingBird feeder with beesGary Ennis
Honey bee huntingPollen ballsJodi Gertz