High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece

To serve a growing interest in gardening with native plants, I have tried over the years to demonstrate certain species that do well in the central Appalachian area, along with a few traditional non-native favorites of special note. Effort was made to exhibit plants that differ from common sun-loving garden plants, such as those that favor shade or can inhabit a rain garden. A rain garden serves to capture water runoff and put it back in the soil, and it is populated by plants that can tolerate both inundation (when it rains) and drought (between rains.) A sandy garden represents plants that like well-drained soils. The attached list of nearly 200 species is divided first by habitat type (sunny, shady, etc.) then by estimated bloom period.  This list may provide inspiration and helpful information for aspiring gardeners. Most of these plants are implemented in the Virtual Garden Timeline.

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