How to save the world, two cups at a time.

Dedicated volunteers monitor sites to clean up toxic legacies of a century of coal mining.

Broods XI and XII, the extinct cohorts of periodical cicadas.

Can you find any periodical cicadas this year?

kayaks on shore

Otter River

A day on the river brings nice rewards for an experienced nature lover

A young bamboo shoot among old shoots

Bamboozled By The Fastest Plant Alive

Bamboo is the fastest plant on the planet, and so much more.

Locust Trees and their Low-Cost Leaves

Locust trees grow fast, why do they have such “loser” leaves?

A Season of New Birth for Ancient Plants

Admire the stamina of pine cones

a rainbow

Why Do We See Colors?

Colors appear in an otherwise ordinary sky. Why do we see the exact colors we see?

a female hummingbird

Hummingbird Redux

The earliest hummingbirds are here.

Ivory-bills: They were lost, but now they’re found.

Careful analysis of different lines of evidence indicate a surviving population of Ivory-billed woodpeckers.