High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece


In Praise Of Crooked Trees

Gnarly old trees have a special attraction

baby birds begging for food

Explosive growth of birds (and dinosaurs)

Birds have an oft-overlooked super power

a transparent butterfly

Invisible Animals

Being invisible is a good trick, but hard to do.

several colors of maple syrup

Maple Provides a Staple

Light or dark, maple syrup is good as gold.

Crystals of ice spreading across a stream

Streams In Winter Are Super Cool

There are many things to love about winter scenery, and one of my favorites is the fast-flowing stream. On a clear day, the sun and …

Benefits of Early Agriculture Were Not Ironclad

Although populations increased, early farmers were less healthy than their predecessors.

Orchids and the Adaptive Cascade

Orchids represent one of Evolution’s finest progressions to beauty.

A woman and her dog

Dogs smell very well, even when they don’t smell good.

The dog’s extraordinary sense of smell is a wonderful thing for us.


8 Billion people and counting.

But the human population bomb is not what you think.