High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece


Orchids and the Adaptive Cascade

Orchids represent one of Evolution's finest progressions to beauty.
A woman and her dog

Dogs smell very well, even when they don’t smell good.

The dog's extraordinary sense of smell is a wonderful thing for us.

8 Billion people and counting.

But the human population bomb is not what you think.
Grocery store aisle

Are you an irrational shopper?

Yes, it’s an evolutionary shortcoming. You can't help it.

Ants as Food

Ants are very common, but few animals eat adult ants.

Why do Mexican jumping beans jump?

There are two questions, one you never thought of

Making sense of the Senses

There are more senses than what you were taught

Silk, beautiful and bulletproof

Spider silk is the most remarkable natural product.

Game birds: Turkeys and their relatives

Very popular birds…