High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece


Of Damsels and Dragons

These common insects are extraordinary in many ways
laughing bay

Is Baby Talk Genetic?

Everyone speaks to babies the same way.
a colorful branch of Nyssa leaves

August First, and the First Autumn Indicator

Even as we move toward mid-summer, the early harbingers of autumn bring color to the forest.
field of fireflies flashing

Fireflies, and the Evolution of Photic Signaling

We love to see them on a warm summer evening.

How to save the world, two cups at a time.

Dedicated volunteers monitor sites to clean up toxic legacies of a century of coal mining.

Broods XI and XII, the extinct cohorts of periodical cicadas.

Can you find any periodical cicadas this year?
kayaks on shore

Otter River

A day on the river brings nice rewards for an experienced nature lover
A young bamboo shoot among old shoots

Bamboozled By The Fastest Plant Alive

Bamboo is the fastest plant on the planet, and so much more.

Locust Trees and their Low-Cost Leaves

Locust trees grow fast, why do they have such “loser” leaves?