High resolution macro of Wasp found in Greece


A Season of New Birth for Ancient Plants

Admire the stamina of pine cones
a rainbow

Why Do We See Colors?

Colors appear in an otherwise ordinary sky. Why do we see the exact colors we see?
a female hummingbird

Hummingbird Redux

The earliest hummingbirds are here.

Ivory-bills: They were lost, but now they’re found.

Careful analysis of different lines of evidence indicate a surviving population of Ivory-billed woodpeckers.

Spiders: Ever-Present, Rarely Seen

They are far more common than you think.
A spring flower of Hepatica

Herbalism and the Doctrine of Signatures

Do medicinal plants cure ills?
olives on a wooden spoon

You Can’t Spell “Olive” Without L-I-V-E

More than a delicacy, olives have a close relationship with the spread of Western civilization.

From The Dead, Springs Life

People envision healthy, natural forests as places full of green trees.  This is not accurate. In natural forests, the dead trees are not harvested for ...

Spring: Whether it’s the Weather (or not).

Phenology is the study of when things happen, such as when trees leaf out after winter, or flowers bloom, or migratory birds arrive. March and ...